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6 Week Goal Getter Challenge

Custom Workout Program With Your Trainer 
Nina Baez

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What's Included In The Goal Getter Challenge?

​Custom Designed Workouts

With this challenge you will get a 6 week custom workout program (home or gym) based on the goal YOU set for yourself.

That's right, this challenge is designed for you specifically!
I custom build each persons workout program so that it's tailored to your needs.

Nutrition Guidance

  • A Grocery Guide
  • TONS of recipes with macro info included
  • A Weekly Menu Planner
  • A Weight & Measurement Tracker
  • Initial Macro Calculation & tweaks during challenge if needed
  • Need help with counting macros?
    Don't worry, I'll walk you through it!

*NOTE: This program is not a meal plan but helps you with meal planning

Support & Accountability

With this challenge you will get support from me with weekly check ins to assess progress & hold you accountable!

You'll be able to message me within my new app (this works just like text messaging).

As well as email access to me for anything you need, a weekly email to chat one- on-one about how your week went so that I can answer questions and give feedback, a guide of what macros are, how to track them, and what your macros should be to reach your goals IF you choose to access this part. Have no idea what the heck "macros" are? I'll teach you!

Supplement Recommendations

A custom list of recommended supplements to help you reach your goals
(purchase of supplements not required for challenge participation)
And so much more!

New Nina Fitness Training App

Nina Fitness Training is now delivering your workouts and overall experience through my new APP! This app will allow me to do so much more with you and give you an overall better experience!

The Nina Fitness Training app will give you your workouts, your meal tracker, your access to me, accountability, and keep track of your goals right at the palm of your hand.

You'll be able to see your workout schedule, rearrange it as needed, check off that you've completed your workouts (and what's better accountability than the fact that I can SEE when you complete them or don't!) and track your food intake all in one place.

You will be able to access your training program with the app using your mobile device and your computer. You can also watch the exercises from your TV!

Workout From Inside The App and Use The Built-In Timer

View Your Workouts

Track Your Sets/Reps/Weight

And "Check In" So I know You Did The Workout

View Your Activity Dashboard

See Completed Workouts
Current Weight & Progress Pics

Track & View Your Measurements and Progress

Track Your Macros


The winner will receive free entry into the next challenge!

*The Challenge winner will be chosen based first on dedication and consistency, and secondly on results from the challenge both mentally and physically. 


Results Others Are Getting...

Many times when deciding on whether or not to invest in a program, you have nothing but the the sales page to go by...That's not the case with Nina Baez. Nina has worked with hundreds of clients and many of them have shared their transformations! 

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Nina has worked with hundreds of clients and really spends the time to help them breakthrough their weight loss plateaus!