About Nina

I developed a passion for proper nutrition & fitness after spending years unsuccessfully trying to change my body. I used to be a chronic "dieter," and someone who tried every quick fix and gimmick diet out there, but never saw the results I was looking for.

I knew I needed to stop the cycle of constant dieting and make healthy living a lifestyle, so I decided to quit searching for a quick fix and start focusing on fueling my body properly with whole, unprocessed foods. I began to research more aspects of fitness and nutrition, and I gave up some of my time on the treadmill and ventured into the weight room at the gym.

Within a week, I saw the difference that I had been searching for since high school. I fell in love with the way my body was changing and the way I felt. I was eating healthy, whole foods, lifting weights, and cutting my time on the treadmill in half.

I found my passion, and I want to help others stop focusing on quick fixes and get fit for life. I'm certified through the International Sports Sciences Association as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Fitness Trainer, and in 2013 I started my online fitness & nutrition coaching business, Nina Fitness Training, LLC. Since 2013, I have gotten to work with over 500 clients worldwide. In 2016 I also became an ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, allowing me to help educate my clients on the right supplementation for their goals, and the importance of gut health.

My mission is to help others stop the cycle of constant dieting and learn the proper way to workout and fuel their body. My programs are entirely online, meaning anyone, anywhere can join. I've worked with clients of all shapes, sizes, genders, and goals, but I specialize in working with those who just want to live a healthier lifestyle. No two clients are alike, and my mission is to help each client find Fitness that fits you..

I hope to help you reach your goals!