Nina's Programs

Nutrition Plans

Learn more about proper nutrition with Nina's nutrition program. Each program includes recipe ideas customized to the client's particular tastes & goals and provides a suggested sample menu with delicious healthy recipes and suggested portion sizes provided!

This plan is great for those who don't know where to begin with eating healthy. It includes weekly check ins with Nina, Weekly updates to the plan so you don't get bored, & includes unlimited contact with Nina for motivation, support, and questions.

All plans are available as combo packages or individually. Contact Nina for more info.

*I am not a dietitian and do not provide medical-related nutrition services to address any medical condition. This program is merely suggestions. I do not claim to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any nutrition-related disease or health condition.

Workout Plans

Unsure of what to do in the gym? Need a plan to workout from home? Nina's workout programs are tailored to your fitness level and can be created for those with gym access or those who prefer to workout from home. Workout programs are tailored to each clients needs, time available to work out, and your specific goals.

This plan is updated weekly & includes video tutorials for exercises. The program includes weekly check-ins with Nina to assess progress and update the plan, as well as unlimited contact with Nina for motivation, support, and questions.

All plans are available as combo packages or individually. ​Apply below to learn more. 

Macro Plans

Macro stands for macronutrients, which make up calories. The 3 macronutrients are proteins, carbs, and fats.This plan is for those who are interested in learning the to track their macros and like flexibilty, but still need a little help reaching their goals. This plan comes with 2 options:

Basic Macro Coaching: with this plan I will do your initial macro calculations for you, and tweak them as needed. You will receive a guide explaining how to track macros, my recipe Ebook, Grocery Guide, and favorite food brands list, and check in with me weekly to assess progress. This plan is optimal for those who are familiar with tracking macros but need a little more guidance.

Macro Coaching: The Full Package- This plan includes all that the basic macro coaching package includes, plus a weekly review of your food diary with suggestions, help with meal planning ideas, an initial video session with Nina to explain how to track macros and set you up for success, and follow up video sessions or phone calls to answer questions and assess progress during the program. This package is best for those who have never tracked macros before or those who want the most out of one-on-one coaching.

All plans are available as combo packages or individually. Apply below to learn more. 

One Time Consultation

Just need a little guidance? This one time consultation includes a detailed questionnaire the client will fill out and send to me. We will then schedule a 20 minute video chat or phone call to discuss goals and how to attain them. I can provide input on current nutrition & workout plans and make suggestions of what to change as well as answer questions. This plan DOES NOT include a custom written plan.